Wellness is more than eating right and working out. Believe it or not wellness extends far beyond that! Wellness is in our diet, household products, emotional wellbeing, personal-care items, medical, environment, etc. Wellness has to do with EVERY single part of our life. Though it is a daunting subject, I hope to shed some light on the things I've changed, all that I have learned over the last 15+ years,  & how I am constantly working on a balanced life, lived well (while still enjoying donuts)!


What started my journey...

16+ years ago my Memaw got really sick. I’ll never forget one of her doctors telling her...she needed to do this, that, & to really pay attention to the ingredients of anything she was putting on her body. “Your skin is your largest organ. Everything you put on it, goes into your bloodstream and is processed through your liver.” You can imagine as a young high school girl, I was in awe. I also remember thinking if someone who is seriously ill needs to pay attention, shouldn’t we all? My journey officially started at that very moment.


Oil up buttercup.

More than just a trend or current fad, Essential Oils have helped me and my household for almost 4 years now! Since product knowledge is a HUGE topic that can be both interesting and exhausting all at the same time (sometimes I think it would be easier to just grab something off of a store shelf and not even think about looking at the list of ingredients on the label or doing any research first), I hope to shed some light on how Young Living has truly helped us make easier, healthier choices! I will be sharing our personal stories, what works for us, & the products we use, not to sell you on them, but to offer you real, honest insight. 


Donut give up!

When I decided to add Wellness to the topics on my site, I had 2 thoughts: 1) it just makes sense, because it is such a big part of our real life, so why am I NOT talking about it online and 2) are people going to think, "can a person who owns Donut Shops really talk/know about WELLNESS?" Once I talked it out, I realized that is exactly why I should talk about it! There is such a preconceived idea that we cannot have wellness AND a donut (or ice cream or lasagna or insert a guilty pleasure here) but the truth is, WE CAN. And we should!