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Truth: I really, really, REALLY want to blog regularly. But the reality of that truth is, I do not make the time! I fill up notebooks, the notes section on my phone, & Instagram with #wendywrites like you wouldn't believe, but when it comes to making the time to actually sit down and add it to my site, I FAIL! I'm a wife, mom, & small business owner that chooses sleep over late nights (or super-early-before-anyone-else-rises-in-our-house mornings) to accomplish such goals, and I'm learning that it's not only completely okay, but some day when I don't have a million other things going on, I will have that time for it and probably be begging for time away from it! So for now, my aspirations of being a blogger/writer will continue being a distant goal and I'm going to keep on - keeping on.

But for today, I'm going to share a piece I wrote TWO YEARS ago for my sister's wedding! It was my first time to be a 'Matron of Honor' and also my very first toast...nope, no pressure. So in honor of Holly and Micah's Anniversary, this one is for them!

First of all I would like to say a BIG thank you to Holly & Micah for not only bringing us all together to celebrate your marriage, but to celebrate love, faith, & new beginnings as well! Some of you may not know me, but I am Holly's sister Wendy. I can LITERALLY go back to the exact day she was born. But it doesn't really start there for me...

You see when I was a little girl, probably my daughter Alivia's age, I would play, create, or entertain myself pretty well...but every so often my mom would catch me with my head in my hands crying. "Wendy what's wrong?," she would ask. I would look up & say, "I just want a little sister!" Four years later, God answered my prayers. Now I admit that I was a little torn on being excited and maybe a little annoyed by the time Holly was being born. After all I had to give up my "art studio" just so she could have a room! Not to mention right off the bat, she fought me. I tried to hold her in the hospital and she would have no part of it! So I decided that at least I now had THE coolest, life-like baby doll accessories EVER! I had a real life crib, stroller, clothes, name it, my dolls had it made! Little did I know as soon as my sister wasn't a baby anymore, I would spend THE REST OF MY LIFE SHARING ALL OF MY STUFF WITH HER.

Soon crawling turned into walking and walking turned into terrorizing! I cannot even count how many times I came home from school to destroyed toys (my Barbie collection was NEVER the same!), artwork on my bedspread (no, LITERALLY drawn on my bedspread!), or demanding to play when I had friends over (and yes, she always won by the way, just ask any of them!). I knew we were destined to never get along; we were just always in different phases of life. People would always say, "you will be close someday, when she's older! Just wait & see..." I just rolled my eyes.

Time kept going and we kept growing. We went through moving, mustangs, & Memaw together. She was there with Mom & Grandma ready to fight mean teenage girls when they just wouldn't leave me alone. And when I moved out for college, she was there taking over my room WHILE I was moving out. (And no, I did NOT get it back when I moved back the very next year!) But the truth was, I missed her when I was gone. After I moved back I wouldn't be able to fall asleep, so I would go wake her up, I mean,  see if she was still awake, & ask her to watch movies or nick-at-night with me...she ALWAYS obliged (and I ALWAYS fell asleep within10 minutes...maybe 5). Life moves pretty fast. Before I knew it I was getting married and moved out for real this time. Slowly but surely we were growing closer and closer. Then I had my own baby and I watched that bratty-annoying-little sister, turn into an amazing aunt.

Holly wasn't only growing up, but growing in her faith. Then the next thing I knew she was introducing us to Micah! This crazy-talented, faith-filled guy had my sister smitten. He was so sweet and polite every time we were around him (not to mention Alivia might just have him wrapped around her little finger)! Soon he moved to Australia for a year and I watched their relationship grow even stronger. During that time Holly and I continued to get closer as well. We turned passions into business and all of our talents blossomed even more. Before we knew it Micah was home and I saw no signs of him going anywhere! Then somewhere between prom, remodeling houses, photography, graduation, & donuts, I blinked and my phone was was Micah.

Before I even answered, I knew EXACTLY why he was calling. He asked if he could come by to talk with Jonathan and I. I called Jonathan to see when he would be home and said "Micah wants to know if he could talk to us about marrying Holly!" Sure enough, he came over and said they were ready for the next step in their relationship, he wanted to propose. And though ideas started spinning in my mind to help him with the proposal, I couldn't help but be in disbelief that MY LITTLE SISTER was old enough to get married?! Wasn't she JUST in diapers running around yelling "let's get NAKED!!!" (That was only cute when you were 2 Holly; please don't yell that at your wedding tonight!)

So here we are are MARRIED! Tonight is such a wonderful memory I will add to our long list of others. But more importantly, tonight also represents for the very first in our lives, that we are actually in the SAME phase of life. I guess they were right after all...we are those "close sisters."

Here is to Holly and Micah - may they have enough happiness for a lifetime, grace for the trying moments, & love for all eternity - I love you both!!!

another year of donuts | ww photographs

While most people plan to make some major life changes for the new year, whether it be health, fitness, finances, relationships, etc., our household gears up to CELEBRATE and fully embrace another year of D O N U T S! Come to think of it, it is kind of comical the fact we turned on our open sign for the very first time on January 2nd of all days. Now I cannot believe we are celebrating our 3rd Business Birthday for Livi Lee's Donuts?! It all started 13 years ago when Jonathan told me one day he wanted a donut shop. But we graduated high school, started college, and had many, many other business adventures together...then we got married and became parents! Then one sweet day, we got word the local donut shop was selling. Jonathan immediately said "we want it!" I might have thought he was half crazy with our house on the market and us looking to build a home (or so I thought), then I remembered not only who I was married to, but those exact words from years before.

To know Jonathan is to know that he is every sense of the word ENTREPRENEUR. It goes all the way back to grade school for this guy I'm not even kidding! He would save his allowance and go to Sams with his mom to buy chewing gum to then sell it to his fellow classmates. I ask him where he was at my whole life because I literally gave my gum away throughout school and never knew I could have been making a profit off of it, but eventually I found him, so it all worked out in the end ;D Anyways, fast forward to selling our first home and not building a house, we purchased that little donut shop. I had no clue what we were doing! I didn't even know making donuts was such a process. We had to go into training at 1am...I was like "for what?!?" Jonathan said "to learn how to make donuts...what time do you think they start making them if they open at 5am???" I said "I don't know, 3-4am?" Boy did we have a good laugh after he explained the process and training day was over.

I donut think either of us really knew just how much this donut shop was going to change our lives! It is so much more than donuts. This business has brought out our strengths, weaknesses, and been one of the BEST things that we have ever done (all the negatives included). We are continually learning, growing, and trying our best. We have the absolute best employees and customers, family and friends, and could not be where we are today without any one of them (past or present)! Even the difficult employees or unhappy-no-longer-customers, without any one of them we might not strive to constantly be better and do better. Truly from the sweet times to the difficult moments and all that is in between, we are forever GRATEFUL! There are a lot of great things on the rise for Livi Lee's and no matter where we end up, we will never forget right where we started. 

Celebrations, better yet LIFE, IS BETTER WITH SPRINKLES ON TOP and little Miss Livi Lee sure makes it SWEETER!

Details: Model - Alivia Lee,  Donuts - Chirsti (Lead Maker at Livi Lee's), Location - Livi Lee's Daylight Donuts, Cape - Simply a Deux, Dress - Jolie & June, Donut Bow - My Fair Ellie, Tablecloth - West Elm Tulsa, Pink Cake Stand - Potterybarn Kids, White Scalloped Cake Stand - Pier 1, Sprinkles Cup & Notebook - Target

UNPLUGGED | wendy writes

Mid-November already?! Sheesh time flies, especially when you do not blog about it. Speaking of blogging…Oh where is my blog? Oh where is my blog? Oh where, where oh, where oh, where oh, is my BLOG?! I may or may not have wrote that to the tune of Veggietales “Where is my hairbrush?,” which may or may not get sung around our house on a weekly basis because the darn hairbrush likes to play a mean game of hide-n-seek with us! Needless to say that little tune is a constant. And while I have not been MIA from my blog over a missing hairbrush (the entire time anyways), I have been a little UNPLUGGED…literally.

You see, in May we sold our flip house, rented it back for a few weeks, & hoped we would move straight into our Barnhouse on our land! Oklahoma would prove to have a consistently rainy spring to summer this year so that all got pushed back a month (or two!). Which pushed us into Jonathan’s parents house for like the forth time or something (I am not counting, but they might be keeping tabs because we not only invade with 2 grownups plus a kindergartener now, but THREE glorious pups as well…aka turning their home AND schedule, more-less LIFE, upside down :D). So what does that have to do with me blogging? Sounds like great posting material, no? You’re right…except we ended up moving into our Barnhouse on July 30th with the bare necessities, simple bare necessities…you know, running water (NOT hot, basically just brush your teeth & flush a toilet type situation), electricity, & all of our things. No propane (gas stove, hot water heater, etc), NO INTERNET, no moving into it all set-up and unpacked like I had envisioned, just good-old fashion living on our own, out of boxes, eating lots of take-out, & showering at sister’s (Hi Newlywed’s - thanks for the hot showers & laundry room!) or our parents (…y’all didn’t think we would ever fully leave the nest right?!)

It has been a process folks! A beautiful, first world process that I do not take for granted, seriously. However, I am beyond happy that we are finally to a full functioning home and able to welcome others over (my entertaining heart rejoices!)…except one small thing, we still DID NOT HAVE INTERNET?!! Gasp. What was a borderline-millennial who loves to blog to do!? Well she continued to work (mainly from her phone - the hubs LOVES our bill right now & not to mention I am not sure I have been getting all of the email inquiries because I am only on my phone, current fear of mine...), write, take photos, & carry on like she did before, only she didn’t get to post about it. And you know what? I’m a survivor-what?, I’m not gon' give up-what?, I'm not gon’ stop-what?, I’m gon' work harder-what? (…man I sure do miss Destiny’s Child, which is why I am only a borderline-millennial…I’m part of the glorious growing up in the 90s to early 2000s era of awesomeness)! ANYWAYS, I am basically in the midst of working this all out and learning to function without high-speed internet (not even good ol’ dialup AOL). Not sure how user-friendly my method will be, but I MISS MY BLOG and I am beyond ready to post again (with or without the internet; so take that AT&T and COX Communications! Just a little blogging can still try to run internet to our property please ;D).

So without further adieu, break out the donuts, someone pour me an ice cold Dr. Pepper, send me all of the good vibes (and possibly still send me high speed internet if you have any connections because it really does simplify a work-from-home-momma’s life...), & let’s get back to blogging y’all!!

alivia actually | let her be little

Alivia, n. (ah-LEE-vee-ah): Just like her daddy with little sprinkles of her momma. She is creative, caring, smart, funny, serious, sensitive, & sweet! She gives me a little glimpse at what she will probably be like as a teenager every single school day I try to get her out of bed. She knows what she wants and wants your answer IMMEDIATELY. She can also make a group of awkward adults gather around her for a "donut hole group hug" faster than anything I've ever seen! Basically I am in love with this little girl who can push my buttons as fast as her daddy, all the while I continue to try to teach and guide her through this thing called life....instead though, she almost always ends up teaching me.

To say that she is growing up quickly is an absolute understatement. Parenthood is the fastest, most exhausting yet rewarding adventure I have ever been on! One day you are terrified about EVERYTHING for this little 7 pound baby, then they rollover and they are F I V E (well, 5 and a half to be exact ;D). Where does it go? How do you slow it down? Why is it so darn fast?! I don't know. In fact, I have zero answers for you...other than it is fleeting and we must try to enjoy as much of it as we can! Before we know it we will be switching places with our babies just as our parents did with us. Bittersweet for sure. This adventure called parenthood is BEYOND bittersweet!

As if I needed any help in reminding me just how fast she is growing up, little Miss Alivia decided she wanted to celebrate big time for turning 5.5 this year! When we discovered one of her classmates actual birthday's was on the same date, we nixed the taking donuts to school plan, but I told her we could still celebrate that evening at home. Cinna-nim donuts for breakfast after greeting her with a "half birthday hug" (her request) was just what she needed as we headed to school. She told her daddy on our way out the door, "you better know I am ACTUALLY 5 and a half TODAY AND we have a field trip!?!" Oh how fast they grow!!!

She planned her whole "party" for that evening...pancakes for dinner, grandparents, some family & friends were all invited (though she didn't quite understand why friends couldn't come not only the same day you invite them, but also on a school night..), a fancy dress, TWO braids, and we celebrated fully! I secretly made a half birthday wish that I could just keep her little forever on her behalf. No word yet on whether or not that wish will come true, but in the meantime I thought the least I could do is soak it all in. I also thought since 5.5 is such a big deal nowadays, it would be the perfect time to ask her a few questions I came across on Pinterest! I am so glad I did, but definitely wish I had been doing this every so often as she grows, even if it isn't a special occasion. Oh well, lesson learned and I will now add this to my ever-overflowing mommy-plate!