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donut give up darling, enjoy the ride

donut give up darling, enjoy the ride

For the past - oh I donut know, let’s say 6 months - I have been in a funk! Not a bad place, sad place, or thriving place, just one of those “funky” places. Which I must admit I find almost amusing because I cannot for the life of me pinpoint a source or a reason!? And then today it kind of dawned on me…it is completely, utterly, unapologetically OKAY TO BE IN A FUNK y’all

The truth is sometimes this small business(es) owning life can become less than desirable! It is a wild ride, or a constant rollercoaster if you will, of riding along building up to reach the top, to then come zooming down, all just to start over, again and again and again. The only kicker is, you as the owner of this small business, do not get to get exit to your left when it is all over - you continually stay onboard because this is YOUR rollercoaster dang it! And while you did in fact sign up to own this said rollercoaster (or what feels like the entire amusement park if you’re like us), it does not make it any less exhausting or exhilarating (sometimes one/the other or both at the exact same time). 

Now if you do own a small business I know you understand what I am talking about. If you do not, I am in no way:

  1. trying to ask for sympathy or accolades 
  2. trying to scare you away from a dream of owning your own business
  3. complaining

I am simply sharing our experiences or actual life with you! You know a little transparency in my highlight reel so that one day if you do go into business for yourself you can go, wow I am not alone. 

But Wendy, you get to set your own schedule, travel, reap so many benefits (and donuts), for all of your hard work - you are so right m’dear! Our life is pretty amazing. We do have SO many benefits of working for ourselves! But these things did not happen right away nor do I take for granted that they could all go away tomorrow. In the spirit of keeping it transparent - these things also come with a HUGE price! That price is sometimes our peace. (Peace = health, mental clarity, home life, friendships, relationships, etc. etc.) I cannot even begin to tell you how many lawsuits and attorneys or doctors we’ve even talked to the past few years. That’s not to include changes to our products on a manufacturing level or cost increases - employee issues - taxes - you know all of the things people do not want to talk about. BUT ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE PART OF YOUR ROLLERCOASTER WHEN YOU OWN AND OPERATE IT! So why can’t we talk about it?!

We can. And we must! Because we have to tell people they are not alone, we have to let them know they are okay no matter where they are at or how they are feeling, & most importantly to, DONUT GIVE UP DARLING. Life - whether you own the rollercoaster or you’re simply a passenger or even just a spectator from the crowd - is a wild ride! There will be mundane paths, exhilarating climbs, incredible views, a few screams and unknowns along the way, but in the end, it will all be worth it no matter where we end up on the ride. Small business owner, corporate employee, teacher, banker, non-profit, it all applies to every single one of us! Donut give up darling, enjoy the ride.

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troop alivia lee | part 2

troop alivia lee | part 2